The story of Kwjatkovsky jewelry started long before the establishment of a brand. In fact, it is a tale that began early in my childhood, when my father would take me to contemplate the Art Nouveau architecture of Riga’s beautiful streets. My favorite has always been and still is Alberta Street; there, my father – a passionate devotee of the decorative arts – would tell me about each building’s history and the meaning contained in the richly decorated facades. Most outstanding in my mind have always been the masterpieces of Michael Eisenstein.

Ever since those times, I come to Alberta Street often – when I am thrilled and in love, when seeking for peace or inspiration. One day it occurred to me: how lovely would it be, if it was possible to capture and take with you that beauty! And I realized – in order to take with you something grand, you need to make it en miniature! So came into being the first brooches, earrings, cuff links – fondly dedicated to Alberta Street.

– Edgar Kwjatkovsky